Creating a meeting from scratch using the #EventCanvas for the Internet Society was unique opportunity to design a brand new global hybrid event. Working with the Internet Society team and the multi stakeholder bottom up approach led to the creation of  InterCommunity 2015 #icomm15. 

**InterCommunity 2015** is a one of a kind global meeting of the Internet Society, on the Internet, for the Internet .  InterCommunity 2015 will be held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of the Internet Society Board of  Trustees, which will be co-located at the NetHUI Conference in Auckland, NZ.  

Bringing our community together in one place at one time, InterCommunity 2015 offers you the opportunity to engage in a truly global conversation, share your views on topics that matter to you and to hear a range of unique perspectives on key issues facing the Internet today.  

Designed to maximize the depth and breadth of our membership, InterCommunity 2015 will serve to highlight the different ways we are all working together for a common purpose around the world. And it will help to inform us how we can collaborate more effectively to better support the growth and evolution of the Internet for the next generation.

Using the technology that is such a critical component for the creation of  social and economic opportunity, we will provide different ways for you to join. You can attend on-line from wherever you are, or in person at one of the 15 select locations across all the time zones. How ever you choose to participate, you will have the chance to add your thoughts to themed discussions on topics including Internet Access, Internet Governance and Collaborative Security.

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