Internet Society regional Chapter Leaders workshops bring together Chapter leaders to discuss chapter management related issues, share ideas, knowledge, content and experiences. 

The 2014 North America Regional Chapter workshop in Los Angeles 10 &11 October 2014 hosted an interactive and cherished discussion among a group of 7 Chapter leaders. Each participant brought up valuable experiences and contribution that was designed to be shared in a collaborative exchange format. 

We’ve bottled up the experiences in a series of video snippets (videos courtesy of Regional Bureau Director Paul Brigner ) which you can sample below in this blog post.

On October 10th they started off with the Political Intelligence workshop presented by Dave Bancroft-Turner of the Academy for Political Intelligence. The participants assessed their Political Intelligence Profile and learned to positively influence the politics in their organisation. 

Subsequently participants identified how to use this learning within their chapter work particularly to activate the multi stakeholder approach.

The evening allowed for further conversation and socialising over dinner in LA. 

Bright and early on Saturday 11 October the Chapter Leaders reconvened. Workshop designer and Facilitator Ruud Janssen of TNOC | The New Objective Collective encouraged the Participants to look at multiple perspective of the experiences in their chapters. 

To generate user generated content and celebrate the various perspective, a camera was passed around to take picture of the personal perspectives. 

To view the photos taken by the participants see the link here: 

Every participant added their presence to the ISOC Chapter Workshop World Map (soon to be available online) and out of the submitted topics, each participant voted on their personal top 4 topics to be discussed. 

After the break the room was transformed into a fishbowl setup where in one hour time slots the top 4 topics were discussed. 

To get a taster of the second day of the workshop see the video compilation:

The recap of what the participants thought about the ISOC North American Workshop see the testimonials of a number of the participants captured on video.

Last but not least, probably the most important nectar from the workshop is what the participants shared and think of their experience. Below you will find the User Generated Content from hashtag #ISOCKL14 in a storify here 

On behalf of the organising team and the facilitators we would would like to thank all contributors for their terrific work and inputs. 

We welcome your comments, remarks on this post to share what you think, feel and say & do as a result of having attended this workshop o read this blogpost summary. 

Raquel Gatto, Joyce Dogniez, Paul Brigner, Dave Bancroft-Turner & Ruud Janssen

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