6th Association CEO summit #ACIE14 – 26 CEO’s Design, Iterate + Prototype Association Business Models 

6th Association CEO Summit

A session at International and European Associations Congress 2014

 Ruud Janssen, CMM, DES

Roel Frissen, CMM

Monday 28th April, 2014 – 11:00am to 6:30pm (PMT)

Association Innovation: Examining, Innovating and Articulating your Association’s Value Proposition and Offerings

This 6th Association CEO Summit will address the challenges facing associations by disruptive new business models and changes in market situations. Attended each year by a select group of 20 association executive heads, this is a high-value educational, exchange and visionary event.

About the challenges facing Association CEOs 
Disruptive new business models and market situations are increasingly challenging associations with traditional approaches, undermining their financial security and their leading position in their sector. Yet these new models and the process of developing and changing an association’s own business model and that of its products/services, is poorly understood. This vital knowledge and the facility to communicate the strategy and value for stake-holders is critical in order to survive and thrive.

Examples of disruptions that require a re-look at business models:

  • An internet community is developed by a third-party which cuts off new recruits and damages retention.
  • A hostile or friendly spin-off creates a competitive association.
  • Market space opportunity identified and a commercial party starts a community/association.
  • Raison d’être of an association changes drastically due to shift in Political, Environmental, Social or Technological environment, and there is a new mission.
  • A commercial conference organiser encroaches on your main ‘revenue source’ annual congress, and you struggle to compete

About the Summit:
In a highly interactive gathering, you will learn how to create a new value proposition, and how to improve your current one by dissecting it using the ‘Business Model Canvas’. Practitioners will equip you with practical and visual tools to articulate the way your organisation creates value for your members. The event will enable you to develop and manage your association in a landscape of ever-changing and highly-demanding stakeholders (the board, volunteers, employees and members), with a clarity of language and a clear way to communicate strategy using a visual approach that is easy to understand and to bring into practice yourself.

What the day will address:
– Gain insight into analysis of, designing, reworking, and implementing association business models.
-Examine how your value propositions are delivered to your stakeholders and how the relationships impact your revenues.
– Learn what innovation looks like and focus your association’s direction
– Prototype new business models and map the required resources, activities, partnerships and the costs involved.
– Learn how to quickly articulate the impact of strategic options, model the consequences of future decisions and how to translate them into action

How this approach has already been successful for associations

Roel Frissen and Ruud Janssen, the Summit Leaders (profiles provided below), have supported associations using the ‘Business Model Canvas’ approach, with the following cases:

-Increased cost of sales of advertising and reduced print advertising led an association to completely overhaul its business model – both on the global membership level as well as on the chapter model –

-Geographic expansion is stagnant where others are successfully expanding: By reconsidering and redesigning the local chapter funding model the international expansion was re-invigorated

– A federation with a successful bi-yearly conference had a lack of significant secondary income streams and used the canvas to prototype future income and investment scenarios

– An analysis of historic business models showed the weaknesses and threats and was used to identify the gaps to extrapolate future product/service business model opportunities

– When considering a long term educational and certification programme, a professional association used the feasibility study and the business model canvas in tandem to prototype the impact on the future of the association

– By offering ‘captured content’ from conferences in an online educational system as a CPE credit to existing members, a value proposition of the conferences was identified as a new channel of distribution throughout the year to acquire new members and offering year-round learning for existing members as well as new sponsorship opportunities which was articulated to potential sponsors using the business model canvas.

About TNOC & The Centre for Business Model Innovation

This summit is designed and led by Roel Frissen of the Centre for Business Model Innovation and Ruud Janssen of TNOC | The New Objective Collective

Who may attend from membership organisations?
– Executive Directors
– Secretaries General
– Managing Directors
– Chief Executives
– CEOs

Full photo set available at https://t.co/VmtGqvSwWD 

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