click on the link for the full set of photos and videos of the pre #IGF2013 Collaborative Leadership Exchange Capacity Building Monday 21 October

A photo and video rendition of the pre- Internet Governance Forum Collaborative Leadership Exchange focused on Capacity Building held on 21 October 2013 in Bali, Indonesia.

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TNOC | Ruud Janssen

ESOT Connects 3,412 Transplantation Specialists

At ESOT Vienna 2013 47% of participants brought their own iPads. SpotMe provided loaners for the other 53%. Over four days the participants posted 1,246 session comments, made 2,284 appointments and exchanged 27,735 messages. They also used the app to document their event journeys, saving 47,133 abstracts, posters and notes to their online briefcases. Thousands of .pdf abstracts and posters replaced the “phone book” distributed to every participant at earlier ESOT congresses, saving 4,675 kilograms of paper.

The innovations grew out of a multidisciplinary collaboration between Stefan Schneeberger, who championed the project as a member of the ESOT board, ESOT Executive Officer Annalisa Ponchia, Ruud Janssen of TNOC, who consults with ESOT on the overall vision of the event, Sascha Tretenhahn of AIM Group International, ESOT’s PCO, the SpotMe team and many more.

Interview with ESOT Executive Officer Annalisa Ponchia:

Interview with Ruud Janssen, Founder of TNOC:

One of our favourite voices at ESOT is Carl-Ludwig Fischer-Fröhlich from DSO, telling us how a new research initiative covering several countries was spontaneously organized through the SpotMe app:

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