In an article in June 2013 Association Meetings International ( entitled “Blue Sky Thinking” James Lancaster reviewed the Association Congress in Estoril.

It was good to read how he described our “Live Autopsy Session” designed to dissect User Generated Content for the European Congress fo Radiology as in the text in the photos….. Flattered and thank you James Lancaster, Damian Hutt, Anca and Hema for giving Andreas Diesenreiter and myself the opportunity to share our findings and innovate whilst dissecting a common issue in this exciting format.

You can see the recording of the session here: 

#MPI Europe CLF at #IMEX13, a set on Flickr.

MPI Chapter Leaders Forum at #IMEX13 celebrating the introduction and finalisation of the new European Chapter Model per Jan 2014.

It was a pleasure to redesign & get this adopted by MPI’s Int; Board of Directors & have ownership taken by MPI’s leadership team for MPI Europe, a milestone for MPI in Europe!

your redesign team,

Caroline Hill, Roel Frissen & Ruud Janssen

Direct link to photos =

What’s new in Event Formats? #msi #imex13 w/ @gheijkoop @IMEXDale @maartenvanneste CC: @mikevijv @Mindmeeting

Elling Hamso interviews Ben Hainsworth, Ruud Janssen & Hema Chowdurry

Meeting formats are changing; needs of conference participants are changing. How are Associations and membership based organisations considering these changes and applying new options? Elling Hamso interviews Ben Hainsworth, European Society for Cardiology Congress Director, Ruud Janssen, Managing Director TNOC and Hema Chowdhury, Congress Producer for Association Congress on their innovative views and opinions on the matter at the European and International Association Congress in Estoril, Portugal April 2013. 

Live Autopsy: Dissecting user generated content at association conferences 

a unique timeline review by Andreas Diesenreiter (ESR Creative Director) and Ruud Janssen (TNOC Managing Director) of the User Generated Content of the European Society of Radiology Congress in Vienna (March 2013) at the Association Congress held in Estoril, Portugal