#MeetDenmark Social Media Workshop 14 + 15 December, Vejle, Denmark – Curious to see how storify can help you tell the story of what participants experience while in your destination?

See an example of how 20 participants engaged in a 36 hour workshop and activate their team spirit to enable digital footprints for Denmark across multiple new channels online using social media. I’m certain this will lead to many upcoming Mindblowing Meetings

Thank you to all the participants for your inspiration, perspiration and energy. Carry on in our private collaboration space online and share your progress. Also welcome your comments on this post on your experience during this workshop. What were your key takeaways, what did you learn, what behaviour will you change as a result of having attended this workshop? 

Looking forward to hearing back from you. 

Best regards, 

Ruud Janssen, CMM 

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