#MeetDenmark Social Media Workshop 14 + 15 December, Vejle, Denmark – Curious to see how storify can help you tell the story of what participants experience while in your destination?

See an example of how 20 participants engaged in a 36 hour workshop and activate their team spirit to enable digital footprints for Denmark across multiple new channels online using social media. I’m certain this will lead to many upcoming Mindblowing Meetings

Thank you to all the participants for your inspiration, perspiration and energy. Carry on in our private collaboration space online and share your progress. Also welcome your comments on this post on your experience during this workshop. What were your key takeaways, what did you learn, what behaviour will you change as a result of having attended this workshop? 

Looking forward to hearing back from you. 

Best regards, 

Ruud Janssen, CMM 

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The forward thinking visionary Giancarlo Carniani laid the foundations to a dedicated event for Buying Tourism Online. Besides managing the responsibilities of the luxurious Villa Olmi Resort in Firenze, he leads possibly one of the most inovative events allowing the supply chain in the hospitality industry meet and integrate with the brightest minds in research and application of the web. Reputation management and digital distribution. Getting business results out of online presence, SEO, geolocation, applications and the evolution of new streams of revenue and BRIC geographies, all topics of concern to the innovators and forward thinking entrepreneurs across multiple industries. It is the the place where Cisco,  Phocusright, Expedia, Booking.com meet with the visionaires, bloggers and entrepreneurs in a very handson environment. This year for the very first time the meetings & events industry has taken to the stage and was featured thanks to the impressive efforts of Nadia Colaiuda of EVENTagist. 

Below an impression of how Nadia Colaiuda, Stefania Conto-Vecchi, Corbin Ball, Maarten Vanneste, Ruud Janssen connected from hashtag #EIBTM11 to #BTO2011. 

How hybrid and connectivity can allow you bring the freshest content from Barcelona to Firenze while building friendships and rich enchanges along the way. 

#EIBTM11 to #BTO2011 a pictorial storyboard by TNOC.ch from Ruud Janssen on Vimeo.

#BTO11 Buy Tourism Online Speaker intro live from EIBTM/Abbitt TV corner from Ruud Janssen on Vimeo.