The follow up of a webinar presentation is potentially a good conversation starter around a place of common care.

As promissed in my webinar co-hosted this afternoon by the Event ROI Institute for the 2 day course during ROI week at Down Hall in London, UK on 7&8 September 2011 followed by the application of the learning during the third day at very first ever EventCamp Europe , I committed to posting the presentation and an audio recording  of this very webinar. 

Below the fruits of my promise:

TNOC Embracing Social Media and Hybrid Event Strategy Webinar

Published TNOC Social Media and Hybrid Events Strategy Webinar on Scribd

Hopefully we meet in person at EventCamp Europe or the 3 day course to take away tangible results from 3 days of strategy and tactical training leading to operational results. 

I look forward to any of your questions or remarks in the comment box below, 

Ruud Janssen