The Visual Shift™ | Solution Room Experiment – after a 2 ½ day conference a 90 minute attendee led session was conducted to enhance the reflection, learning, and change action to change behaviour at the event. With 125 participants with an average of 12 years of industry experience, this session contained the consulting power of 1440 years (!) of experience available to each and every attendee. With a visual lineup along an imaginary grid in the room the participants position was illustrated by being part of the visual image of where you stand. This is done before and after the attendee led discussion at their tables where all actively write on visual mindmaps on their tables. Concept co-created by 8 speakers onsite including:

Linda Pereira – Portugal
Miranda Ioannou – Cyprus
Midori Connolly – USA
Robert Benninga – Belgium
Mike van der Vijver – Italy
Simon Bucknall – UK
Ruud Janssen – Switzerland
David Bancroft Turner -UK

& MPI (Elizabeth Luna & team)

See the full photostream here:

Inspired on an idea worth bringing to life by ©TNOC | Ruud Janssen ( Search for the mindmap on with the full experience and case study (including rich content video and case study)This video leader is the first installment of documentation of The Visual Shift™ | Solution Room – Experiment at #emec11.

Watch this space for the full Case Study, experience videos and interviews and additional Format Experiments by TNOC | The New Objective Collective

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