In an article in June 2013 Association Meetings International ( entitled “Blue Sky Thinking” James Lancaster reviewed the Association Congress in Estoril.

It was good to read how he described our “Live Autopsy Session” designed to dissect User Generated Content for the European Congress fo Radiology as in the text in the photos….. Flattered and thank you James Lancaster, Damian Hutt, Anca and Hema for giving Andreas Diesenreiter and myself the opportunity to share our findings and innovate whilst dissecting a common issue in this exciting format.

You can see the recording of the session here: 

Elling Hamso interviews Ben Hainsworth, Ruud Janssen & Hema Chowdurry

Meeting formats are changing; needs of conference participants are changing. How are Associations and membership based organisations considering these changes and applying new options? Elling Hamso interviews Ben Hainsworth, European Society for Cardiology Congress Director, Ruud Janssen, Managing Director TNOC and Hema Chowdhury, Congress Producer for Association Congress on their innovative views and opinions on the matter at the European and International Association Congress in Estoril, Portugal April 2013. 

Live Autopsy: Dissecting user generated content at association conferences 

a unique timeline review by Andreas Diesenreiter (ESR Creative Director) and Ruud Janssen (TNOC Managing Director) of the User Generated Content of the European Society of Radiology Congress in Vienna (March 2013) at the Association Congress held in Estoril, Portugal

Solution Room #EMEC12 #MPI Budapest Hungary from Ruud Janssen on Vimeo.

The Visual Shift™ | Solution Room Experiment – after a 2 ½ day conference a 90 minute attendee led session was conducted to enhance the reflection, learning, and change action to change behaviour at the event. With 150 participants with an average of 16 years of industry experience, this session contained the consulting power of 2147 years (!) of experience available to each and every attendee. 

With a visual lineup along an imaginary grid in the room the participants position was illustrated by being part of the visual image of where you stand. This is done before and after the attendee led discussion at their tables where all actively write on visual mindmaps on their tables. 

See the full photostream here: 

Inspired on an earlier experiment at #EMEC11 in Dusseldorf based on an idea worth bringing to life by TNOC | Ruud Janssen (

This video leader is the first installment of documentation of The Visual Shift™ | Solution Room – Experiment at #emec12.

Watch this space for the full Case Study, experience videos and interviews and additional Format Experiments by TNOC | The New Objective Collective and MindMeeting

Tell us about your experiences in participating in the Solution Room or other engageing formats in the comment box below, 

On behalf of the facilitators and co-creators, 

Mike van der Vijver – MindMeeting, Napels, Italy & Zeist, the Netherlands

Ruud Janssen, CMM – TNOC | The New Objective Collective,  Basel, Switzerland

#fresh12, a group on Flickr.

#Fresh12 in photos join the curated photo stream here to learn more about Desigining effective meetings

Photos by TNOC.photostream

The forward thinking visionary Giancarlo Carniani laid the foundations to a dedicated event for Buying Tourism Online. Besides managing the responsibilities of the luxurious Villa Olmi Resort in Firenze, he leads possibly one of the most inovative events allowing the supply chain in the hospitality industry meet and integrate with the brightest minds in research and application of the web. Reputation management and digital distribution. Getting business results out of online presence, SEO, geolocation, applications and the evolution of new streams of revenue and BRIC geographies, all topics of concern to the innovators and forward thinking entrepreneurs across multiple industries. It is the the place where Cisco,  Phocusright, Expedia, meet with the visionaires, bloggers and entrepreneurs in a very handson environment. This year for the very first time the meetings & events industry has taken to the stage and was featured thanks to the impressive efforts of Nadia Colaiuda of EVENTagist. 

Below an impression of how Nadia Colaiuda, Stefania Conto-Vecchi, Corbin Ball, Maarten Vanneste, Ruud Janssen connected from hashtag #EIBTM11 to #BTO2011. 

How hybrid and connectivity can allow you bring the freshest content from Barcelona to Firenze while building friendships and rich enchanges along the way. 

#EIBTM11 to #BTO2011 a pictorial storyboard by from Ruud Janssen on Vimeo.

#BTO11 Buy Tourism Online Speaker intro live from EIBTM/Abbitt TV corner from Ruud Janssen on Vimeo.

Pictures tell a thousand words. Certainly in laying the foundations and cocreating this event, we have many many takeaways in collaboration, organising, hybrid, pods, remote audience, virtual engagament, Open Source as only you can learn by doing. I want to thank the wonderful contributors to Event Camp Europe, the participants, Live in Pods and virtual, the Sponsors, Technicians, Speakers, our star Virtual Emcee Emilie Barta, our venue(s), Pod organisers, our ROI consultant and co-creator Elling Hamso and Rosa Garriga Mora, the ROI week visitors but most of all those wonderful people crazy enough to venture into such adventure. Thank you dearly my fellow producers of the very first ever Event Camp Europe. You are true stars who made this happen: Jenise Fryatt, Lindsey Rosenthal, Paul Cook for making this adventure one never to forget and one in which we embrace the boundaries of what we know and what we want to learn. The storify enclosed below is a tribute to all those brave enough to experiment at the boundaries of what we know today. May we someday look back ad smile. I have after reviewing the content and compiling what you see below. I welcome your comments and thoughts on the effect and impact of events like Event Camp Europe and what else we can do to look around the corner at what’s coming our way in the future. Ruud Janssen

View the story “Event Camp Europe” on Storify]

Thank you for attending my session last Thursday. 
It was a pleasure to meet you at Meetopolis. 

Below you will find an overview of the links to the presentation and videos we discussed in the session New Technologies at your Service. 

You can find more relevant content on the aggregation platform here:

Below an excerpt of that content. 
A copy of the photos you took on your perspective on your session can be found here: 

Appreciate your feedback and comments. 
Please do let me know if I can be of any assistance for any of your future events or consult on the use of Hybrid and New Technologies for your organisation. 

I would be delighted to collaborate with you, consult or train you and your teams on options and opportunities, 
Best regards, 

Ruud Janssen, CMM

I’d like to ask your ideas and help/assistance on getting some solid pre-event traction on the My Dream App grand experiment at the upcoming EventCamp Twin Cities. Below you’ll find a brief explanation of the format. 
Collecting pre-event contributions and votes on the Apps currently used most, will be critical to the success of this component of the program. 
Ideas on how to improve the App experience from 3 perspectives (Participant/Event Organiser/Speaker) will be collected on a special series on Google Moderator here:

#ECTC11 – My Dream App

My Dream App is a grand experiment to see what happens when you combine your current mobile app usage with the expertise of some of the brightest minds in the event industry (event camp attendees) and get great ideas and feedback. 

It works like this:

1) Submit the name of the Apps you most use today on your mobile device? 

2) Share with us the name and basic functionality of the App (Why you like it)

3) More importantly share with us what you are missing to make this the Best App ever for your meeting and event. 

We will be looking at Apps in 3 categories. 
1) Participant Apps
2) Event Organiser Apps
3) Facilitator or Speaker Apps

Submit multiple entries and vote on apps you are also actively using so we get a longlist of the most used apps by the Event Camp enthusiasts. 

Your input will be enriched with peer insights to craft a list of desireable Apps. 

In the mobile apps session we will look at some eccentric apps and dream up what future apps could do to make us more productive, attentive and insanely engaged. 

We think we’ll have 3 innovative, killer apps by the end of this event, and it’ll be up to you to help decide which ideas make the cut, and how they evolve throughout the event. Sit back and enjoy. This is going to an insanely great ride.

Are you in? 

Look forward to your input and contributions, 

Ruud Janssen 
TNOC | The New Objective Collective


The follow up of a webinar presentation is potentially a good conversation starter around a place of common care.

As promissed in my webinar co-hosted this afternoon by the Event ROI Institute for the 2 day course during ROI week at Down Hall in London, UK on 7&8 September 2011 followed by the application of the learning during the third day at very first ever EventCamp Europe , I committed to posting the presentation and an audio recording  of this very webinar. 

Below the fruits of my promise:

TNOC Embracing Social Media and Hybrid Event Strategy Webinar

Published TNOC Social Media and Hybrid Events Strategy Webinar on Scribd

Hopefully we meet in person at EventCamp Europe or the 3 day course to take away tangible results from 3 days of strategy and tactical training leading to operational results. 

I look forward to any of your questions or remarks in the comment box below, 

Ruud Janssen