September 2013 – Millions of people are eagerly awaiting life-saving organs worldwide. 

Each year, 50 000 of them die waiting for a live saving organ. This burden could be greatly alleviated if people were fully aware that they can save lives by their willingness to donate organs. 

At the occasion of the 16th Congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation, over 3000 clinicians and scientists from all over the world will gather at the Austria Center Vienna, from Sunday, September 8th until Wednesday, September 11th.

To address a number of issues in transplantation and raise organ donation, the European Society of Organ Transplantation (ESOT) has put an emphasis on current options but also ethical and psychosocial challenges in this field. The theme of this meeting is “pushing the limits” and specific topics addressed will include face and hand transplantation, organ preservation by machine perfusion, multi-organ transplantation, organ safety and quality under the EU Directive, fairness and transparency  in organ allocation and the impact of the economic crisis on financially demanding medical procedures, Testimonials of progress and mastering challenges such as Peter Habeler, Mountaineer and Pioneer for Alpine-style ascents and Niki Lauda will tell their story and identify parallels to the challenges faced in transplantation. 

“The theme of this meeting is "pushing the limits”. Sometimes you have to push your limit to be successful – not only in science".

TNOC has designed and collaboratively delivered a digital ecosystem for the #ESOTvienna2013 congress in collaboration with Spotme and PCO AIM Group International, H82 and ACV . The system is designed to connect all elements before, during and after the congress using iPads for all delegates onsite.  

See the Chair of the Scientific committee Stefan Schneeberger deliver the live demo of the digital ecosystem in the opening general session on-demand here:

See the photo report here of the user generated content live from Vienna here:  


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Exciting new collaboration project in the making with Event ROI Institute, MindMeeting & TNOC. Looking forward to work on a bespoke course for Stakeholder Management + learning experience design.

Meeting Design by Ruud Janssen

Meeting Design THE POWER OF THE CROWD How do you use the wisdom of the crowds? Participants attend conferences to gain more knowledge, but as a group they also bring with them a wealth of experience and brainpower. Those who exploit the full potential of the interaction contribute immense added value to their conference. The time is ripe for this, argue four specialists in the field of conferences and crowdsourcing. Contributions by Eric De Groot, Mike van der Vijver, Erik Peekel and Ruud Janssen – Article by Allard Frederiks – contributing Editor Article extracted from Conference Holland – A publication by QM – Het Portaal Uitgevers 2013