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Convergence + Hybrid #SMARTMICEWEEK2014 Jeju Korea, a set on Flickr.

“Convergence + Hybrid at #SMARTMICEWEEK2014 Jeju Island Korea”
in one week presentations in 3 continents – Minneapolis MN, USA, Istanbul Turey and this one to top it off Hybrid in Jeju Korea…

What’s new in Event Formats? #msi #imex13 w/ @gheijkoop @IMEXDale @maartenvanneste CC: @mikevijv @Mindmeeting

Elling Hamso interviews Ben Hainsworth, Ruud Janssen & Hema Chowdurry

Meeting formats are changing; needs of conference participants are changing. How are Associations and membership based organisations considering these changes and applying new options? Elling Hamso interviews Ben Hainsworth, European Society for Cardiology Congress Director, Ruud Janssen, Managing Director TNOC and Hema Chowdhury, Congress Producer for Association Congress on their innovative views and opinions on the matter at the European and International Association Congress in Estoril, Portugal April 2013.