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Ruud Janssen, DES, CMM 

Serial Entrepreneur & Strategic Adviser

founder TNOC.org | co-founder eventmodelgeneration.com

Nominated as one of the 9 most Influential Meeting Professionals who are shaping the Future of the Global Meetings Industry (nominated by his peers - One+ MPI Magazine 2013) Serial Entrepreneur Ruud Janssen (1970)  has in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in strategy and actioning innovation for organisations across the world. Ruud specialises in captivating, cultivating and elevating online and offline dialogue with and for his clients.

His specialties include strategic consulting, moderation, online and multimedia marketing, community building, online collaboration for geographically spread teams, training and meeting & service design consultancy. 

Janssen is a published author and frequent facilitator of participant led sessions and formats. He has crafted and delivered in over 45 countries across the world and contributed to hundreds of programmes crafting numerous legendary meeting formats including the Solution Room (in collaboration with Mike Van der Vijver of MindMeeting and MPI), Hybrid Chocolate/Wine tasting workshops and Live autopsy Formats to dissect case studies and customer problems.  He is an accredited MPI Global Trainer, blogger and curator of EventCamps and TEDx events. 

Roles include strategic tasks as an advisory board member of multiple startups, academic institutions and as a jury member of the WorldWide Technology Watch for EIBTM. His past roles included MPI Chapter President and Director on the International Board of Directors of MPI,  MSI Meeting Support Institute and past steering committee member of Project Meeting Architecture and co-founder of Event Model Generation www.EventModelGeneration.com.  

As a global nomad he enjoys spending time with is family apart from running his third (brain)child called TNOC | The New Objective Collective,  "Individual Minds and Collective Results" at http://www.tnoc.ch of which he is the founder and Managing Director.

He started the eventmodelgeneration.com together with Roel Frissen in 2013, to develop the event canvas as a visual language to assess, discuss, design and deliver innovative events. With Roel Frissen, he is currently co-authoring the publication “Event Model Generation” (#EMG) with an expected release date at the end of 2014. The alpha version of the book engages multiple stakeholders and contributors and will at first only be available to a selected audience and/or in combination with an #EMG project or workshop.

Speaker Photo: Preferred photo to use = http://www.flickr.com/photos/tnoc/9576840460/sizes/o/

Speaker profile & past event contributions:  http://lanyrd.com/profile/ruudwjanssen 

Social Sites = https://www.vizify.com/ruud-janssen-des-cmm/links

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Past and upcoming speaking engagements:

2007 March

  1.     Management Team Coaching & Staff Training, Manila Bayview Park Hotel, Manila, Philippines

2009 July

  1.     Board Retreat facilitator & Keynote General Assembly, MPI Italia Chapter Board, Acireale, Sicily, Italy

2009 December

  1.     EnGarde Interactive Conference & Event Management Course, Schiphol, The Netherlands

2009 December

  1. 2010 Event Technology Shopping List; EIBTM TechHour, EIBTM, The Global Meetings & Incentives Exhibition, (Joint presentation Ruud Janssen & Samuel Smith moderated by Maarten Vanneste) Barcelona, Spain

2010 March

  1. QMDI, Global Certification in Meetings & Business Events Level 2, MPI Global Training , W Hotel, Doha, Qatar

  2. [R]EVOLUTION, Elycium Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  3. Masterclass Social Media, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2010 July

  1. 2010 Event Technology Shopping List, MPi Community Knowledge Program, World Education Congress 2010, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver, Canada

2010 September

  1. The future shape and trends of the world meetings industry, 6th International MICE Industry Conference, MIBExpo Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

  2. Managing Future Client Expectations, Trends & Approaches, Annual Corporate Conference, Paul Ricard Island, Les Embiez,  Marseille, France

2010 November

  1. TEDxYouth@Basel, Ideas worth Bringing to life & the Marshmellow Challenge live! Basel, Switzerland

  2. Mission Possible - How do you keep going despite volcanos, oil spills, snow storms and floods? The why, what and how to manage your event interruptions using technology. (Joint presentation Ruud Janssen & Samuel Smith moderated by Patrick Delany) EIBTM TechHour, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona Spain

  3. Event Talent Factory, Philips Management Training Centre, Kasteel Groenendael, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands

2010 December

  1. EnGarde Interactive Conference & Event Management Course, Dorint Hotel Amsterdam,  Schiphol, The Netherlands

2011 January

  1. IAPCO & IPCAA The Meetings Masterclass,  Virtual & Digital Meetings, Wolfsberg, the Platform for Executive and Business Development Centre, Switzerland

  2. 2011 Event Technology Shopping List, TSE The Special Event 2011, Phoenix, AZ, USA

2011 March

  1. Creating Event Engagement through Technology, European Meetings & Events Conference MPI, Dusseldorf, Germany

  2. TEDxBaselLIVE, Basel, Switzerland

  3. Exhibition and Sponsorship Market Update ET4F for educators, Utrecht, The Netherlands

  4. General Assembly MPI Poland, Warsaw, Poland

  5. Global Certification in Meetings & Business Events Level 3, MPI Global Training , Sharq Village Resort Ritz Carlton, Doha, Qatar

  6. ET4F Module 2 Faculty Training, venue tbc, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2011 April

  1. Event Strategy 2011, Philips Management Training Centre, Kasteel Groenendael, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands

2011 May

  1. Exhibition and Sponsorship Market Update ET4F for Faculty, Frankfurt, Germany

  2. Event Strategy 2011, Philips Management Training Centre, Kasteel Groenendael, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands

  3. B2B Social Media Workshop for Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau , Zurich, Switzerland

2011 June

  1. Global Certification Meetings & Business Events level 1, MPI Global Training , Sharq Village Resort Ritz

  2. Event Strategy 2011, Philips Management Training Centre, Kasteel Groenendael, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands

  3. MPI Global Training on the Road@AIBTM, AIBTM Baltimore, USA

  4. Convention4U, Congress Centre Villach, Austria

2011 July

  1. New Media Marketing for Congresses and Membership Based Organisations, ICCA Research, Sales & Marketing Programme, Gdansk, Poland

  2. Making Social Media Work for You - A guide to aligning social media and business targets, Association Congress 2011, Association Congress, London

  3. Digital and hybrid events: how they work and how they could work for your organisation, Association Congress 2011, Association Congress, London 

  4. TEDxBaselLive, Livestream of TED Global from Basel, Switzerland

  5. MPI World Education Congress, Orlando, FL, USA

2011 August

  1. Meeting Architecture Steering Committee Meeting, 21-22 August, Toronto, Canada

  2. EventCampTwinCities 2011, Minneapolis, MN, USA

  3. CIBTM, China Incentive Business Travel & Meetings Exhibition, Beijing, China

2011 September

  1. 1st European Even Specialists Summit in Luxembourg, Adding Value to Events and measuring it. Luxembourg

  2. ROI week, Embracing Social Media and Hybrid Events; New Meeting Formats enabled by Technology, Down Hall, London, United Kingdom

  3. EventCamp Europe, Down Hall, London United Kingdom

2011 October

  1. Lecture series at Glion Institute for Higher Education, Bulle, VD, Switzerland

  2. Strategic Marketing and Business Modeling, CMM, Dallas, TX, USA

  3. Meetopolis 2011, Brussels Belgium

2011 November

  1. How Social is your Media? MPI Finland Chapter, Helsinki, Finland

  2. EventCamp Vancouver, BC Canada

2011 December

  1. EIBTM, Technology Hour and Speaker Corner, Barcelona Spain

  2. Meetings & Events Online, BTO, Buy Tourism Online, Florence Italy

  3. Social Media B2B workshop MeetDenmark, Billund, Denmark

2012 January

  1. Event Strategy 2012, Philips Management Training Centre, Kasteel Groenendael, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands

  2. TSE 2012 The Special Event, Tampa, FL. , USA

  3. Fresh Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

  4. Innovation. Re-imagined, MPI European Meetings & Events Conference, Budapest, Hungary

2012 February

  1. TEDxLive

2012 March

  1. Developing Virtual and Hybrid Events for the Events Industry Conference - co-located with International Confex on Thursday 8th March at ExCeL London

2012 April

  1. Strategic Marketing & Business Modeling session, CMM, Mexico

  2. Kongressi 2012, 18-19 April 2012, Helsinki, Finland

  3. European Society for Organ Transplantation, Executive Council Meeting, Congress Innovation Strategies and branding review, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2012 May

  1. Visionary Event Series & Campfire, IMEX Frankfurt, Germany

  2. Future Leader Forum, IMEX Frankfurt, Germany

  3. Team RAI Amsterdam Hybrid Events workshop , 30 May 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  4. EventCamp Europe Brainstorm, 31 May 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  5. European Society for Organ Transplant, Education Committee, Workshop on E-Learning strategies and innovations and how to embed them into ESOT, Leiden, The Netherlands

2012 June

  1. Board Retreat MPI Italia Chapter, Porto Cervo, Italy

  2. Board Retreat MPI Netherlands Chapter, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  3. Board Retreat MPi Turkey Club, Istanbul, Turkey

  4. Keynote on When online and offline events meet, the DNA of the future of events, Rixos Pera Hotel Istanbul, Turkey

  5. European Society for Radiology, Executive Council Meeting, Strategic Workshop on strategies for application of social media for ESR, Des Indes Hotel, Den Haag, The Netherlands

2012 July

  1. Board Retreat MPI Spain, Madrid, Spain

  2. International Association Congress, ACC Liverpool, UK  including a 3 hour Workshop on How to Organize Hybrid Events and a 2 hour plenary session on Pricing, Commercial Policies & Monetization of Virtual & Hybrid Events for Associations

  3. Meeting Pros Are from Mars, Attendees Are from Venus: Techniques for Creating a Remarkable Hybrid Event ; MPI World Education Congress, St Louis USA

2012 September

  1. Event Camp Middle East, Dubai, UAE & Bahrain & Online

  2. Chapter Business Summit, MPI, Dallas, TX, USA

2012 October

  1. Meetopolis 2012, Brussels Belgium

  2. AC Forum Social Media Strategy Workshop Vienna, Austria

2012 November

  1. Technology Keynote, EIBTM 2012, Barcelona Spain

2013 January

  1. European Meetings & Events Conference 2013, MPI, Montreux Switzerland

  2. Fresh Conference 2013, Copenhagen Denmark

  3. Europe & Asia Forum, St Petersburg, Russia

2013 March

  1. Event Camp Middle East, Abu Dhabi, UAE & Bahrain & Online

2013 April

  1. Association Congress, Estoril, Portugal

  2. CWT workshop, Milan, Italy

  3. Business Design Summit, Berlin, Germany

  4. Mpi Italia Chapter, Pisa, Italy

2013 May

  1. IMEX, Frankfurt, Germany

2013 June

  1. ISOC, Internet Society MENA Workhop, Istanbul, Turkey

2013 July

  1. Association Technology Congress, Congress Chairman, London, UK

2014 January

  1.     23-24 January 2014 - #EMG Incubator Session - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - View captured content

2014 February

  1.     20 February 2014 - iConnect - Minneapolis, USA See coverage

  1.     23-25 February 2014 - MPI European Meeting and Events Conference 2014 - Istanbul, Turkey - View captured content 

2014 April

  1.     2 April 2014 - 11.30-12.30 - Event14 - Utrecht, The Netherlands - View programme and register

  2.     27-29 April 2014 - CEO Summit, Association Congress - Paris, France - View programme

2014 June

  1.     6-7 June 2014 - ISOC APAC workshop Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

  2.     23-26 June 2014 - Fund Forum

2014 July

  1.    1 -2  July 2014 - Association Technology Congress, London, UK

  2.    3 July 2014 - Masterclass Event Model Generation at Nyenrode Business University - Breukelen, Netherlands - More information and registration (programme is in Dutch)

  3.     7 July 2014 (TBC) - The Meeting Show, London, United Kingdom - View site

2014 August

  1.     2-5 August 2014 (TBC) - MPI World Education Congress, Minneapolis, USA

  2.     24-26 August 2014 Internet Society - Afirican Chapter Workshop - Dakar, Senegal

2014 November

  1.     28-30 Nov 2014 Internet Society - South Americas Chapter Workshop - Brazil

Lecture series at the following Universities and Institutions:

  1. Hotel Management School Maastricht, The Netherlands

  2. University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  3. Glion Institute of Higher Education, Glion, Switzerland

  4. British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver, Canada

  5. QMDI, Qatar Mice Development Institute, Doha, Qatar

  6. Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, Ithaca NY, USA

  7. WOLFSBERG – The Platform for Executive & Business Development ( a subsidiary of UBS), Thurgau, Switzerland

  8. Philips Management Training Centre, Kasteel Groenendael, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands

  9. MPI Global Training, Dallas, TX, USA

If you would like to know more about ©TNOC | training, workshop & lecture topics or if you wish to run an in-house workshop, brainstorm or events training for your company, then contact us directly.

You can find some presentation and workshop samples on this link on slideshare.